Wide Mouth PET Preforms

Looking For Wide Mouth PET Preforms for your Product?

If you are unable to decide whether you should choose price or whether you should choose quality, We are here to help you. General Plastic Industries provides intelligent solutions for Wide Mouth PET Preforms in Nepal. Our products do not simply stand for your functional values but also for the relationships you help us to build with potential and existing customers. We understand relationships and value you. With Toshiba Machine, Ferromatik Milacron, and Acme Die Systems with Husky hot runner technology Molding machines you can very well benefit by using our preforms produced on these machines.

All our PET Preforms have the following quality Listed below.

  • All preforms made on state-of-art Husky machines unlike other Indian manufacturers who produce preforms on Husky as well as Chinese and other Indian machines.
  • Uniform preform wall thickness.
  • Uniform preform weight.
  • High gloss and clarity.
  • Preforms produced using high quality PET resin.
  • We use only imported colors For better quality and design.

Below is our list of Wide Mouth PET Preforms with there Respective weight, size, type & purpose

Wide Mouth PET Preforms
Wide Mouth PET Preforms
Neck Size (MM)Weight (gms)Neck TypePurpose
46MM80Long NeckOil, Distillled Water, 5ltr Bottle
53MM14.5, 17.5Wide Mouth JarHoney, Ghee, etc.
83MM34,36,40,44,48,52Wide Mouth JarTea, Confectionary, Pickle, etc.
83MM30Short Neck JarConfectionary
96MM60Wide Mouth JarConfectionary, Tea
120MM86, 104Wide Mouth JarConfectionary, Tea

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