Caps And Closures

Looking For Caps & Closures For bottles, tubes and flexible Product packaging ?

Whether closures for bottles, screw caps for tubes as well as flip-top caps for home care, food and chemicals – General Plastic Industries provide intelligent solutions for Caps & Closures in Nepal.

Effective closures are extremely important to product integrity. Because not only do they have to serve their purpose but they also have to be leakproof, prevent tampering and be functional. They Should also be easy to open and reclose. Therefore, Selecting the appropriate closure is key to consumer satisfaction.

Caps and closures also add an important design element to the product pack, eye-catching colors and novel user functionality. So, all of this contribute to the brand-building efforts in capturing busy consumers’ attention.

No matter whether you produce caps and closures for soft drinks or ketchup bottles: Highest output rates and maximum machine availability are absolutely essential to guarantee Profitable production.

Our Fast high-performance injection moulding machines are highly dynamic sprinters, absolutely robust endurance runners – and much more. It’s the sum of the details that gives you the edge in caps and closures production. So, we deliver your perfect solution.

Below is our list of Caps And Closure with their Respective Neck size, type & purpose

Caps and Closures
Caps and Closures
Neck SizeProduct TypePurpose
19MMFlip Top CapSanitizer, Liquid Soap, Hair/ Body Oil Etc
28MMin-mold SlittingWater, Distilled Water
28MMSlitting & FoldingWater, Distilled Water
28MMHandleWater, Distilled Water
55MMBubble Top Cap20ltr Bottle, 5 Gallon Bottle
83MMWide Mouth CapTea, Confectionary, Pickle, etc
120MMWide Mouth CapConfectionary, Tea

We understand relationships and value you. So, our closure solutions comply with all the relevant regulations of the food and chemical industries. We impress with well thought-out convenience and high performance in the process.

Your Perfect Packaging Partner

General Plastic industries is one of the leading Manufacturer and Suppliers of PET preform in Nepal. In 20 years of time we have expanded into wide variety of designs in PET Preforms and bottles. We currently have a product portfolio of 100+ designs and sizes, with application potential in the FMCG, Food and Beverages, Liquor, Confectionary, Oil and Ghee, Etc. As well as the portfolio is constantly increasing being one of the most demanding and trustworthy quality PET preform Supplier & Manufacturer of Nepal.

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