Trigger Spray and Pumps

Plastic Trigger Spray and Pumps Manufacturer And Supplier in Nepal

Trigger Spray and Pumps
Plastic Trigger Spray & Bottle Pumps

We offer a wide range of Trigger Spray and Pumps, Which is available in different color and more can be customized as per the client’s request. Trigger Spray and Pumps are easy to use and convenient to dispense liquids by way of squirting, misting or spraying. Sometimes the sprays can be adjustable so that they can dispense a stream or even atomizing the contents.

Trigger sprays typically work by using a siphon system that draws the liquid upwards and dispenses it from the nozzle. Our wide range of trigger spray and pumps finds its application in different sectors such as domestic, industrial, and chemical. For instance, many home cleaners for glass or metal, toilets, sinks, and tiles may come in trigger spray bottles as well as a range of gardening and lawn care products.

These Trigger Spray and Pumps can be perfectly attached with hair care, car care and industrial care products. Further, these are widely appreciated for the features like integrated lock to prevent accidental actuation, free rotating closure for orientation on the bottle and high longevity & high quality performance. If your product is suited for a trigger spray you can find the right bottle for it, depending on its chemical composition and viscosity.

We also provide Hand pumps for bottles. Dispensing pumps can be used with plastic bottles, jars, jugs, F-style containers, and more. Dispensing pumps are available in a variety of diameter sizes. We also have different designs such as treatment pumps, hand pumps and lock down pumps. Bottle pump dispensers are great for getting out the right amount of product without the unwanted mess, making it a great option for cosmetic, industrial, food and healthcare industries.

Given below is list of our Pumps and spray with their Respective type, Sizes and Neck Size.

Neck SizeProduct TypePurpose
25MMPumpHand Wash, Lotion
28MMPumpHand Wash, Lotion
28MMPull Push CapDish Wash
28MM1880(PCO Long Neck)Oil, Juice, Home Care etc.
28MMTrigger SprayGlass Cleaner
46MMCapDistilled Water, Home Care
46MMHandleDistilled Water, Home Care
18LTRCool JarMineral Water

At General Plastic Industries, we aim for total customer satisfaction that you can get from our global network of suppliers and our design team. We offer complete packaging solutions that help with brand management and add to brand value as well as increase sales. And we do all this at a very competitive price – it does not get better than this.

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