6 Question to Ask before buying A Low Priced Pet Perform In Nepal?

Are you buying Low priced PET preforms ? Have you ever considered the quality of such low-cost PET preforms? Ask these simple  6 questions to your PET preform manufacturer. This is how you save money and get perfect quality PET preforms.

PET Preform Moulding machine

Toshiba Injection Moulding Machine

PET preform Injection Moulding Machine

Ferromatik Injection Moulding Machine

2. How long has the PET preform supplier been in business?

Has your supplier recently started a business? Is he trying to cut corners by reducing the required investment size? An experienced PET preformmanufacturer keeps investing in the latest technology. Hence he will always be able to provide you with the best quality PET preforms.

Suppliers with years of experience will never let you down in terms of product delivery in time, Bulk Order Fulfillment & Customer Support.

With time company will be already known to the fact about low priced pet preforms, quality preforms raw materials, different types of blower machines and Their Advantages & Disadvantages, what is the Best Value for Price, and much more market-related information which will benefit you in the long run. So, Always choose your Preform Suppliers in terms of their market presence and Experience.

3. Does the PET supplier have a dehumidifier?

PET is a hygroscopic material i.e. it absorbs moisture from the environment. PET manufacturers use a dehumidifier to remove this moisture from PET. But a lot of PET suppliers use a hopper dryer. It works in a similar manner but it does not give the required quality. Moreover, it is not suitable for PET.

general plastic industry dehumidifier


4. Is the PET Preform Supplier mixing Recycled PET with Virgin Material? 

Many PET preform suppliers mix Recycled pet (RPET) with virgin PET material to reduce cost. This degrades the quality of the PET preform. In this process, a harmful chemical called acetaldehyde (AA) gets released. This AA residue is not suitable for consumption.

low priced pet preforms

Recycled Pet

PET preform material

Virgin Material

5. Is your PET preform manufacturer providing consistent grammage preforms?

A lot of manufacturers are unable to provide consistent grammage preforms. This lead to blowing complications and reduces profitability for the blowers.

Low Priced PET Preforms
6. Does the PET preform supplier have an infrastructure for checking the wall thickness? Do they check the quality of PET preform during the manufacturing process?

Your PET preform manufacturer must have the right instruments to check the quality of the preforms. He should be knowledgeable. He must use a Polarizer to detect defects and wall thickness of PET preforms.

Low Priced PET Preforms

Over 30 years of their experience in manufacturing PET preforms in Nepal, GP Group has helped over 100 blowers gain consistent profits.

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